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Please note: PITCHMAP uses a LOT of CPU! Please read the FAQ regarding CPU optimization for important information on how to get the most out of PITCHMAP!

The demo version will time-out after 10 minutes; the plug-in will then be bypassed until you re-instantiate it. Also, the demo version will not allow saving presets or the plug-in settings to the host, so there's no recall.


Mac AU Compatible

USD 379 / EUR 429

(Price in EURO inclusive of 19% VAT
– EUR 360.50 without VAT. Sales tax may be added for USD price.)

Side-Grade Special:

USD 179 / EUR 199

(Euro price incl. 19% VAT)
Side-Grade Info

Included in ZAP

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This plug-in is also available as part of the ZAP bundle.