Preliminary product information, subject to change without notice.

Lossy Codec Artifact Removal

UNCHIRP is a real-time plug-in that allows removing the most obnoxious artifacts associated with low bit-rate lossy audio encoding, de-noising and other processes that operate in the frequency domain, commonly referred to as ChirpingWarblingThe Tweeties or Underwater-Sound. This type of artifact has so far been virtually impossible to remove due to its narrow-band and short-time nature. If you need to salvage poorly encoded music, speech that has gone through a poor GSM/satellite uplink, material that has been de-noised with sub-optimal settings or footage recorded with consumer mobile devices, UNCHIRP is your (only) friend. 

Zynaptiq UNCHIRP Lossy Codec Artifact Removal Plug-In v1.0.0 Screenshot
Mac AU Compatible