Upgrade to ZAP

Many people have inquired about a bundle in the past, but we didn't have one. Now we do, and quite possibly you would have chosen the bundle if you'd had the option. Hence, if you've purchased UNVEILUNFILTER or PITCHMAP – or even two or three of these – before August 25th, 2014, you can upgrade to ZAP for the difference in list price. Sounds fair? We think so.


As stated above, the price to upgrade is simply the difference in list price between what you've already purchased and the ZAP Bundle. So if you've already purchased one plug-in, you can upgrade to ZAP for USD 999 minus USD 379 = USD 620 (or for EUR 1049 minus EUR 399 = EUR 650, incl. 19% VAT). Likewise, coming from two plug-ins, you can upgrade to ZAP for a mere USD 241 / EUR 251 (incl. 19% VAT). And guess what? This also means that if you already have UNVEIL, UNFILTER and PITCHMAP, you can upgrade without additional cost, and will receive a free copy of UNCHIRP!  

The Process...

...is simple. Simply contact us or your favorite dealer that carries zynaptiq software and let us or them know that you wish to upgrade and how many plug-ins you have. You will then be offered the applicable price, and will receive the plug-ins you don't yet have after purchasing the upgrade. 
You will be asked for your existing activation codes to confirm your eligibility, of course.

Upgrade Terms

  • You must have purchased qualifying Zynaptiq plug-in(s)s before August 25th, 2014, to be eligible for ZAP upgrade pricing 
  • The upgrade option applies only to regular, full retail versions of the plug-ins that have been purchased normally. Educational, NFR, OEM, side-grade or other special versions are not eligible. 
  • Multiple licenses for the same plug-in can not be applied towards a discount for the same bundle - so if you have two licenses for UNVEIL, you may purchase 2 one-plugin-to-ZAP upgrades, but not 1 two-plugins-to-ZAP upgrade.
  • If you have already purchased three plugins and paid more than the bundle price, you will not receive a refund.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue the upgrade path in the future.
Supports VST, AU, RTAS and AAX on Mac And PC
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USD 999 / EUR 1049

(all EUR prices inclusive of 19% VAT
– EUR 881.51 without VAT)

Upgrade To The ZAP Bundle

Already purchased UNVEIL, UNFILTER or PITCHMAP on or before August 25th, 2014? Upgrade to the ZAP Bundle!