ZTX Precision Time Stretching & Pitch Shifting Technology

ZTX® is a cross-platform technology for high quality time stretching, pitch shifting, formant shifting, and pitch correction. It is available for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows,  iOS and Android, and comes as easy to integrate, highly flexible and scalable C/C++ object library & SDK. Various versions and license models are available to suit your project requirements and budget, including a free-to-use package, ZTX LE. Whether you are creating a high-end desktop DAW/NLE, or are developing a consumer voice alteration app for mobile devices - ZTX is the most comprehensive, highest quality, and most CPU effective solution for your needs!

Cutting Edge

ZTX leverages state of the art adaptive wavelet technology for high localization in both the time and frequency domains to significantly outperform traditional PSOLA or phase-vocoder based designs, both in terms of sound quality as well as in flexibility and ease of use. Used by leading hi-end audio processing applications and custom built solutions in studios around the world, our critically acclaimed ZTX time stretching and pitch shifting technology can be applied to monophonic and polyphonic musical signals, voice, as well as to complex material like multi-channel film sound, with equal ease and success.


ZTX comes with all the functionality you could possibly want for time stretching and pitch shifting - including dynamic parameter changes, formant correction, formant shifting, optimization parameters for different types of material, specialized APIs optimized for realtime performance and pitch correction, a transcribe mode for high quality results with extreme stretch ratios, offline-processing optimized settings, phase-locking of multiple channels for multi-channel based processing, anti-aliased sample rate conversion, and more. In short: ZTX has you covered. 

Scaleable & Fast

Add maximum quality file-based multi-channel processing to your desktop application using the ZTX Core API, lightning fast & CPU efficient real-time time/pitch processing to your mobile device app using the ZTX FX API, or use the ZTX Retune API to implement the sought after sound of strict pitch correction to your product. Whatever your project requires, ZTX scales perfectly and delivers the maximum possible performance across the board.

Easy To Integrate

ZTX is a powerful tool for C/C++ developers that integrates seamlessly with all modern APIs and audio applications. In most cases, you should be able to get its functionality implemented into your app within 1-2 days. With only 5 calls to create, configure, process and destroy the ZTX core object, implementation couldn't be easier. We recommend you check out our cross-platform example projects in the evaluation kit or the ZTX LE SDK - they are fully documented and easy to understand, and compile and run instantly. Unleash the potential and add value to your product now with just half a page of additional code!

ZTX® is a registered trademark of Zynaptiq GmbH in the USA and/or other countries. ZTX® is protected by US and EU trademarks numbers 5158593 (US) and 013586466 (EU).