Editing, Batch Processing, Metering & More

We've recently acquired TRIUMPHMYRIADSPECTREAURA, and LOOP EDITOR. Existing users can start using these immediately using their existing license information, simply by downloading updated versions of the apps.

We will soon be making these awesome apps available for purchase for new users, too stay tuned!

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TRIUMPH is a multi-track/-layer, multi-channel audio editor for macOS, featuring advanced scripting, AudioUnits support, Red Book and DDP CD Authoring, Final Cut Pro X XML interchange format support, Source/Destination audio editing, a unique & patented workflow featuring audio layers, and more.

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MYRIAD is an industrial-strength audio file batch processor for macOS that offers a comprehensive set of audio processing actions, including our high-end KSRC sample rate conversion, time-stretching, dithering, applying Audio Units plug-ins, fades, gain changes, slicing, format conversion, and much, more.

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SPECTRE is a stand-alone, real-time audio analysis application for macOS, featuring a comprehensive set of 20 different metering and analysis instruments.

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AURA is real-time audio analysis AU v3 plugin suite for macOS that comes with a standalone app as well.

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LOOP EDITOR is a macOS application for editing audio loops. Both classic sampler-style sustain and release loops as well as audio loop files like ACIDized WAV and Apple Loops are supported. Meta data authoring and audio slicing functionality are also provided. 

Mac OS X Compatible