This Legacy Support download is intended for existing users of previous versions of TRIUMPHMYRIADSPECTREAURA or LOOP EDITOR. After downloading this updated version, users with existing license credentials can unlock the software like usual. Without license credentials, the software will run as a free trial.

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Legacy Support Version Release Notes

Legacy Support Version 1.0.1, June 8th, 2020

Info & Changes:


  • The installer now has all apps de-selected by default. The apps themselves are identical with v1.0.0

Legacy Support Version 1.0.0, May 2020

Info & Changes:

  • Initial switch the stuff back on as soon as possible re-release.
  • The Legacy Support version is intended to reenable the applications for existing users as quickly as possible.
  • Minimum OS required is macOS 10.12. Some apps may work on macOS 10.10, 10.11 but we do not test for that.
  • This release works with Catalina but is not notarized yet. This means you may need to adjust your Gatekeeper settings, and/or open the app using the CTRL-/Right-click menu's OPEN command rather than a double-click.
  • Rerouted activation to zynaptiq servers so existing licenses can be used as before once the latest version has been installed. Due to formatting issues with the database, some license credentials may not work as expected; please contact support in such cases.
  • Activations records were reset. This means all activations are freed up.
  • Removed Goodhertz components per request from the IP owners.
  • Added Zynaptiq Dithering, replacing 3rd party component.
  • Added Zynaptiq EBU-128 metering, replacing 3rd party component.
  • Replaced third party SRC with Apple SRC.
  • TRIUMPH/MYRIAD: Session files and workflows containing Goodhertz components will be converted to the closest match possible when opened, and a notification will be shown.
  • Added log window to TRIUMPH.
  • Re-built/updated dynamically linked third party frameworks.
  • Fixed broken FCPX XML import/export.
  • Re-added TRIUMPH Convertor tool that handles WEDT to TRIUMPH conversion.

Known Issues in this version:

  • Various information, tutorial, video and support resources were not provided to us, thus some links may be dead*
  • Manuals/Documentation are not available due to being reworked to exclude discontinued third party components and trademarks; please use your existing documentation for now.
  • Layer Combination mode selectors were removed by previous owners for unknown reasons and are thus currently missing*
  • macOS Dark Mode is not fully supported yet*
  • TRIUMPH: Scrubber is currently disabled due to third party components being removed.
  • TRIUMPH: non-automatable plugin settings may be incompletely restored when loading a project*
  • MYRIAD: non-automatable plugin settings may be incompletely restored when loading a workflow*
  • AURA: AUv3 plugins may crash AuVal on Catalina but otherwise work as expected*
  • AURA: Goniometer has been temporarily removed due to stability issues.

*: Pre-existing issues


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Mac OS X Compatible