Introducing the Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.x Featuring TRIUMPH 3

Version 2.x of the Mac Audio Apps Bundle contains TRIUMPH 3MYRIAD 4.7SPECTRE 1.11, and LOOP EDITOR 2.4*, and comes with a license for our high-end multi-FX processor WORMHOLE. Available exclusively as a bundle, all included apps now run natively on Apple Silicon and fully support the latest macOS.

TRIUMPH 3 is a massive upgrade to our powerful sound design & productivity focused editor, and adds more than 100 new features and enhancements, including tons of workflow enhancements and advanced DSP processing like morphing, vocoding, high-end granular processing, and our premium ZTX® Pro time-stretching & pitch-shifting technology. See all new features in TRIUMPH 3.

An upgrade to the Bundle is available if you own a license for at least one of TRIUMPH, MYRIAD, LOOP EDITOR, SPECTRE, Wave Editor, Sample Manager, or Aura. In other words: if you ever had any version of any of the contained apps (or one of their predecessors!), you can upgrade. Pretty cool, huh.

Like our plug-ins, version 2.x of the bundle uses PACE copy protection with support for hard-drive based activation (a physical iLok dongle is NOT needed!), and is single-user licensed.

What's new in the Mac Audio Apps 2.x:

  • The apps are now Zynaptiq-branded, available for purchase to new users, and fully supported. 
  • Support for native Apple Silicon operation & all current macOS. 
  • TRIUMPH has been updated to version 3, adding many new features. 
  • The bundle now includes a license for our high-end FX processor plug-in WORMHOLE. 
  • Copy protection is now PACE/iLok like with our plug-ins (no hardware dongle needed). 
  • All apps now include PDF manuals. 


What's new in TRIUMPH 3:

TRIUMPH 3 is a massive update with too many new features to list here - here's a comprehensive list. Some new feature highlights are:

  • Layer Blend Modes:  Instead of simply adding layers sequentially, you can now set any layer to morphvocodering-modulate or cross-fade with the previous layers, to create unique new sounds with essentially 1 click. 
  • New Processors & Process Menu: All DSP and editing processor functions are now accessed via the new Process menu, and each have their own, non-modal window for a much improved workflow. Processors include the ZTX® Pro based Time & Pitch, the KSRC-based Transpose, and Cyclic Stretch, a high-end granular processor inspired by vintage sampler stretching algorithms. 
  • Effects Chains:  You can now save a combination of multiple plug-ins as effects chain, including their settings and automation, and insert that chain using a key command. 
  • Greatly Enhanced Workflow & Handling We've stream-lined handling in tons of places, including a new option to save the document as flat file, for much faster turn-around times. 
  • ...and over 100 more new features and enhancements!

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If you have a license for at least one of TRIUMPH, MYRIAD, SPECTRE, LOOP EDITOR, Aura, Wave Editor or Sample Manager, you can upgrade to the Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.x! 

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