ADAPTIVERB Updated to Version 1.2.0

June 8th, 2019: We've updated our harmonic tracking resynthesis reverb ADAPTIVERB to version 1.2.0.

This free update is recommended for all users and provides 75 new artist presets by renowned sound designers Simon Stockhausen and Julius Selbachvalue-locking for various parameters, and GUI zooming, and fixes all known issues.

What's new in v1.2.0:

  • 75 New Artist Presets: ADAPTIVERB 1.2.0 comes with 75 new artist presets created by renowned sound designers Simon Stockhausen – maker of Colored Spaces for ADAPTIVERB – and Julius Selbach. They include drones, harmonic contour filter based resonant spaces, and general purpose reverbs.
  • Value-Locking: Want to step through presets while leaving Dry/Wet at the value you just set it to? Now you can – simply engage the Dry/Wet Lock and that slider won't budge. And you can lock the Live and Preview mode switches, too.
  • GUI Zoom: Whether you're using a 5k display and need the plugin to be bigger, or running on a small-ish laptop where every pixel counts – the new GUI Zoom functionality saves the day by allowing to scale the UI in a range of 70-200%.
  • Fixes Galore: We've fixed pretty much all known issues, the most annoying one being that the sort order of presets was all over the place on APFS-formatted SSD Drives on macOS – no more!

The update is available now on the ADAPTIVERB downloads page.

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