All Current Plug-Ins Updated: Native Apple Silicon Support & VST 3 Improvements

Hannover, December 15th, 2022: We're happy to announce that today, after many months of hard work, we are releasing UNVEIL 1.9.0UNFILTER 1.5.0UNCHIRP 1.2.0PITCHMAP 1.9.0MORPH 2.5.0ADAPTIVERB 1.4.0WORMHOLE 1.3.0UNMIX::DRUMS 1.2.0INTENSITY 1.4.0, and SUBSPACE 1.2.1.

These free updates are available now, and add support for native operation on Apple Silicon processors for AUVST 2.4VST 3 and AAX Native, improve VST 3 compatibility with various host applications, and also contain numerous smaller enhancements and fixes. As of these updates, all products are now 64-bit only, and require macOS 10.15.x / Windows 8, or newer. Support for older OS and 32-bit formats incl. Avid RTAS are available by downloading older versions.

As always, the update installers can simply be requested from each product's Downloads tab.

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