Available Now: Zynaptiq INTENSITY

Hannover, June 19th, 2018: we're happy to announce the immediate availability of our latest signal processing plugin INTENSITY.

INTENSITY is a new kind of audio processor for mixing, mastering and sound design. Built on techniques typically found in facial recognition algorithms, INTENSITY brings out a sound’s inherent detail, increases its perceived loudness and density, and adds what we can only describe as maximum clarity.

The unique algorithm carves out important signal features – making sounds sound more like themselves – and is operated with essentially one control. Between the proprietary algorithm and an optional soft-knee saturating limiter in the plugin’s output stage, INTENSITY also excels at attaining maximum loudness and creating a beautifully aggressive tone. Jump straight to the product page...

The key INTENSITY features at a glance:

  • Mastering-grade processing for more detail, clarity, density and loudness.
  • Intuitive and fast workflow using a streamlined set of controls.
  • Proprietary INTENSITY circuit with optional frequency-dependent BIAS function.
  • Additional precision soft-knee saturating limiter at the output stage.

 “You can think of it like an infinite-band compressor that threshold-less-ly operates relative to the input – whose time constants are zero, and which is controlled by an artificial intelligence at audio rate – making it possible to adjust the process with essentially just one knob.” said Zynaptiq CEO, Denis Gökdag. 

“That said, it is absolutely *not* a compressor, it’s "rocket science". But the analogy does give you an idea of when to use it and what for. 
Or in plain English: INTENSITY is the closest thing to an “AWESOME-Knob” we’ve come up with so far. Put it on everything, all the time – it is quite addictive.” 

INTENSITY is equally suited for processing individual tracks like speech, SFX, instruments – including guitars, bass and piano – as well as full mixes, multi-channel film stems, drum busses, and other complex content. This makes INTENSITY an indispensable tool for music producers, mastering engineers, sound designers, video producers, broad-/podcasters, forensics professionals, audiophiles, or virtually anyone to quickly and easily add clarity, definition, and perceived loudness to their audio projects.

INTENSITY supports all common sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz depending on available CPU resources, mono, stereo, and multi-mono operation, as AAX native, AU, RTAS, VST 2.4 and VST 3, on Mac & Windows.

Zynaptiq GmbH, based in Hannover, Germany, creates audio software based on pattern recognition, source separation, perceptual modeling and other advanced technologies, and is also known for their critically acclaimed ADAPTIVERB, UNVEIL, UNFILTER, UNCHIRP, PITCHMAP, MORPH, WORMHOLE and UNMIX::DRUMS plugins.

INTENSITY’s SRP is USD 379/EUR 379* but it’s available now from the Zynaptiq website and authorized resellers worldwide at a special introductory price of USD 149 / EUR 149* from June 19th to 30th, 2018.

* All prices in EUR are quoted inclusive of 19% German VAT

For more information please visit the product website at 



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