MORPH 2 Available Now

We're happy to announce the immediate availability of version 2 of our MORPH Real-Time Structural Audio Morphing Plug-In.

MORPH Version 2.0 is the first "Zynaptified" edition to this unique plug-in, originally developed by Prosoniq. A significant upgrade to the original version, MORPH 2 offers exciting new algorithms, a new high-quality formant shifter, a stunning new graphic user interface, support for AAX, AU, RTAS and VST formats on Mac and Windows, and several additional parameters and enhancements. MORPH 2.0 is available now.

The MORPH 2 features at a glance: 

  • 5 Unique feature-aware structural audio morphing algorithms.
  • Morphs between two input channels or input and side-chain.
  • Dual morphing circuits with crossfade option.
  • High-quality formant shifter. 
  • Uses cutting edge signal transform technology for superb fidelity and intelligibility.
  • Both inputs can be mixed into the output or switched to solo.
  • Built-In Hall Reverb.
  • Fully real-time for immediate results.

MORPH 2 supports all common sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz and can operate in dual-mono, true stereo or 4-2 channel layouts (actually available options depend on host/format capabilities).

What's new in MORPH version 2.0:

  • MORPH is now a Zynaptiq-branded product.
  • Now supports AU, AAX Native, RTAS and VST on Mac and Windows.
  • 2 unique new morphing algorithms, TIGHT and INTERWEAVE.
  • Increased resolution for the original CLASSIC algorithm.
  • Low-latency versions of the CLASSIC and INTERWEAVE algorithms.
  • New high-quality Formant-Shift parameter.
  • New Amplitude Sensitivity and Complexity parameters for more detailed control of the morphing process.
  • New seamless control of reverb parameters.
  • New Damping parameter for the reverb section. 
  • Newly designed GUI with improved ergonomics and a stunning look and feel.
  • Now uses PACE EDEN copy protection for machine or iLok2-based authorization.

MORPH 2 comes as AU, VST, RTAS and AAX Native plug-in for Mac OS X & Windows.
 It is available right now and has an MSRP of USD 179 / EUR 199*.

Existing users of the Prosoniq-branded MORPH AU (v1.x) can update to v2.0 for USD 89 / EUR 99*.

 Users that have purchased MORPH AU (v1.x) on or after October 1st, 2014, are eligible for a free update. Please contact us for details.

 Addtionally, for a limited time, users of the discontinued Prosoniq Morph VST an Morph RTAS can upgrade to Zynaptiq MORPH 2.0 for USD 89 / EUR 99*.

 * All prices in EUR are quoted inclusive of 19% German VAT

For more information, please visit the product page.

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