Now Available: Free VST 3 Updates

Hannover April 2nd, 2017: VST 3 support has been added to UNMIX::DRUMS, MORPH 2, UNVEIL, UNFILTER, UNCHIRP and PITCHMAP as a free update.

VST 3 is included in UNMIX::DRUMS v1.0.2, MORPH v2.3.0, UNVEIL 1.7.8p, UNFILTER 1.2.2p, UNCHIRP 1.0.1p, and PITCHMAP 1.6.2p. 

Updates are available via the product download pages.

Please note that for UNVEIL, UNFILTER, UNCHIRP and PITCHMAP, the VST 3 update is currently only available for the new PACE-protected versions; users can cross-grade to the PACE-protected versions free of charge. Legacy-support eSellerate versions will be updated similarly as soon as reasonably possible.

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