The Mastering Weeks Sale!

Dear friends: we're running a sale on INTENSITYUNFILTER and UNMIX::DRUMS, as well as the MASTER Bundle they comprise, June 16-29, 2023, at a huge discount.

Check out our Mastering Weeks sale now!

Magic Mastering Tools

Apply smart equalization with UNFILTER, bring out detail and character, while adding clarity, density, and muchos loudness with INTENSITY, and tweak level & punch of drums in a mixed recording or on the drum bus using UNMIX::DRUMS.

Or, go for the whole enchilada with the MASTER Bundle, which combines all three of these AI-powered audio mastering plugins for maximum quality with minimum effort. Whether you are a mastering or mixing engineer, music producer or artist, the MASTER Bundle plug-ins will save you massive amounts of time while providing unbeatable results!

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