Real-Time Audio Morphing & Style Transfer

MORPH 3 is a real-time plug-in for audio morphing, the sonic equivalent of one object slowly changing its shape to become a different object - for example, one face becoming another.
Super-charged with a selection of up to 11 different morphing algorithms, a style transfer and file playback module, transient bypass options, a stunningly clean formant shifter as well as a lush reverb that seems to extend sounds much like some highly revered vintage hardware boxes, MORPH 3 opens up a whole new universe of sounds to explore.
Create seamless morphing transitions, new hybrid sounds that combine aspects of existing ones, physically impossible instruments, the furthest-out creature and robot voices, talkbox-esque effects and other outrageously unique new sounds. Whether you're a sound designer for film or games looking for that signature sound, or a music producer or remix artist wanting to create new content from existing recordings...look no further, MORPH is for you!

  • Zynaptiq MORPH 3 PRO Plug-In Screenshot
  • Zynaptiq MORPH 3 Plug-In Screenshot
Supports VST 2.x, VST 3.x, AU and AAX Native on Mac And PC.

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