April 15th UPDATE: we have extended the Early Access period by 10 days, moving the official release to April 25th.

Announcing MORPH 3 & Early Access!

We're thrilled to announce MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO, the latest iteration of our popular MORPH plug-in, as well as an Early Access program.

massive upgrade to the classic MORPH 2, MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO extend the classic's sonic bandwidth even further, adding new algorithms, a patent-pending real-time style transfer module, file playback, transient bypass functionality, a redesigned and scalable UI, and much, much more.

Heard on blockbuster feature films and shows, AAA+ games and state of the art music productions, MORPH takes two input sounds and creates a new, hybrid sound that features characteristics of both, and that can smoothly transition from one to the other. Creature voices, alien hardware, futuristic ambiences, unique new instruments - you name it, MORPH has you covered.

Features in Detail

What's New in MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO:

  • 6 New morphing algorithms: INTERWEAVE V3, IMPRINT SMOOTH, IMPRINT CRYSTAL, ENHARMONIC, FUSION (PRO only) and SONANCE (PRO only). The entire suite of V2 algorithms is included, too, of course, for a total of 11 algorithms.
  • New MODELER module that provides particle/granular synthesis based style transfer functionality, as well as straight file playback. MORPH 3 PRO includes a multi-zone mapping editor and additional analysis features for advanced MODELER control.
  • Improved FORMANT SHIFTER with +-24 semitones of range; the v2 formant shift algorithm can be activated for the v2 algorithms to get the exact same v2 sound, using a prefs setting.
  • New TRANSIENT BYPASS module that can significantly improve the morphing results. The transients are taken at the A and B inputs to the morphing, and added back in, with their mix controlled by the morphing X/Y control. The transients can be boosted, and may also bypass the formant shifter for increased crispness. MORPH 3 PRO features an additional DETAIL mode for the TRANSIENT BYPASS.
  • Optional internal double precision processing - internal processing can be switched to 64 bit.
  • New soft-knee output limiter.
  • Redesigned, scalable UI with interactive-signal-flow-diagram design, built using vector graphics for sharp visuals when zooming, with up to 200% UI scaling for 4k and larger displays.
  • Lowcut/Highcut filters for all four mixer channels (PRO only).


MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO support all common sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz, depending on available CPU resources, and run as 64-bit AAX Native, AU, VST 2.4 and VST 3. The plug-ins support macOS 10.15.x or newer, on Intel & Apple Silicon processors, and Windows 10 or newer. MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO use PACE copy protection, requiring a free ilok.com account, and can be activated to the hard drive of your computer or an iLok 2 or newer USB dongle.

Pricing & Availability UPDATED April 15th

MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO will be available from the Zynaptiq website and authorized resellers worldwide April 25th, 2024, at an SRP of USD 169/EUR 179* (MORPH 3) or USD 279/EUR 309* (MORPH 3 PRO).

Users of MORPH 2 will be able to upgrade to MORPH 3 or MORPH 3 PRO at a reduced price of USD 69/EUR 79* (MORPH 3) or USD 149/EUR 169* (MORPH 3 PRO) via the Zynaptiq website starting April 25th, 2024.

Upgrade paths for DESIGN, REMIX or ZAP III Bundle users will be available April 25th, 2024, with options and pricing TBD on release.

An Early Access purchase option is available now, valid from March 27 to April 24th, 2024, via the Zynaptiq website. Early access users can purchase MORPH 3 PRO at the lower MORPH 3 price of USD 169/EUR 179*, or upgrade from MORPH 2 to MORPH 3 PRO at the lower upgrade price from MORPH 2 to MORPH 3, at USD 69/EUR 79*.

Users who have purchased MORPH 2 between January 1st, 2024, and April 25th, 2024, can request a free upgrade to MORPH 3.

More info on bundle options and upgrades will become available on April 25th, 2024.

* All prices in EUR are quoted inclusive of 19% German VAT

Early Access Info

So, what is this Early Access thing, and why should you take advantage of it?

Basically, you buy MORPH 3 PRO now, but at the MORPH 3 price, or you upgrade from MORPH 2 to MORPH 3 PRO (again at the lower tier price), saving a bunch of money and getting the hot new stuff ahead of the others. There's no special enrollment or anything like that - just grab MORPH 3 PRO at the reduced price and start making awesome sounds.

Sounds great...but what's the catch?

Not a lot, really. The Early Access version has the final license, and when we officially ship, your version becomes the final - it's just a matter of downloading the latest installer's & you're good.

It's not 100% done yet, though. Some smaller features may not yet be included. We'll be adding them as they get finished. There may be some bugs, which we'll be resolving as they surface, but in general, this is not a beta version - the Early Access release is generally stable and well tested, so we anticipate any bugs to be mainly of cosmetic nature. We do recommend a grain of salt for good measure, though - it is pre-release software at the end of the day. 
The Early Access version currently comes with a comprehensive quick start guide and tooltips for all controls, but no full manual or setup guide documentation yet. The factory content is not complete yet, we'll be adding more sounds and presets in the weeks leading up to the official release. But then, you'll likely be wanting to roll your own, anyway. That's pretty much it.

All in all, we think the Early Access option is a great deal with a very limited downside. 

I have MORPH 2 in a DESIGN, REMIX or ZAP Bundle - can I upgrade from that?

Right now, we do not have the upgrade items coming from a bundle and going to MORPH 3 PRO ready yet - those will arrive with the official release. So basically: not yet. However...If you really want or need to use MORPH 3 PRO now, please contact us and we'll figure it out for you. We have for dozens of bundle users already!

If you want to wait for the official release, you can do so, resting assured that as valued bundle users, you will not be paying more for MORPH 3 PRO than the Early Access users. You may find yourself wanting to add more plugins at a higher total price, though....stay tuned!

If I upgrade to MORPH 3 PRO and surrender my MORPH 2 license....will I still be able to load my sessions with MORPH 2 in them?

Of course! As audio professionals, we understand that session recall is a non-negotiable requirement. Any invested time and creativity must be preserved, full stop.

Hence we updated MORPH 2 to v2.6. This version sees and is unlocked by a MORPH 3 or MORPH 3 PRO license...so simply having it installed alongside MORPH 3 ensures you're all set to keep using your MORPH 2 sessions. MORPH 2.6 is available from the MORPH 2 Downloads page, and is linked to in the emails and web pages associated with registering your upgrade.



Preliminary product informatiion, subject to change without notice.

Buy MORPH 3 PRO Early Access!

USD 169/EUR 179

Get Early Access to MORPH 3 PRO now - grab the ultimate sound design tool at a reduced price and ahead of time!

Regular USD 279/EUR 309. Special offer valid through April 24th, 2024

Buy MORPH 3 PRO Early Access now at the website of our sales partner 2Checkout!

Early Access Upgrade!

USD 69/EUR 79

Upgrade from MORPH 2 to MORPH 3 PRO now - grab the ultimate sound design tool at a reduced price and ahead of time!

Requires surrendering an existing, full and non-bundled license for MORPH 2. Upgrade paths for bundles containing MORPH 2 will become available on April 25th.

Regular USD 149/EUR 169. Special offer valid through April 24th, 2024

Buy MORPH 3 PRO Early Access Upgrade from MORPH 2 now at the website of our sales partner 2Checkout!

Trial & Updates

Give the free trial of MORPH 3 or MORPH 3 PRO a spin, or update to the latest patch!

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