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"As a sound designer, I am constantly searching for new ways to manipulate sound. Zynaptiq MORPH has quickly become my go-to plugin for designing sounds that are out of this world. Its superb algorithms and smooth formant shifter allow me to generate sounds so unusual that even I sometimes forget what the original sources were.
Recently, my partner Dave Whitehead and I designed the alien vocals for Denis Villeneuve's film Arrival. I used MORPH almost daily while developing some of the signature Heptapod sounds – MORPH is perfect for creature and robotic vocals. It enables me to shape and contour sounds in ways I had only previously dreamed of, forging unimaginable creations out of sounds no sane person would ever combine."

Michelle Child is a sound editor and designer, residing in Wellington, New Zealand, where she works on sound post-production for films and interactive media. Her film sound credits include such masterpieces as Denis Villeneuve’s Oscar-Award-Winning Arrival and Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium and Chappie.

Michelle Child Sound Editor, Sound Designer
Website :: IMDb Profile :: White Noise

Supports VST 2.x, VST 3.x, AU, RTAS and AAX Native on Mac And PC
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Included in ZAP II, DESIGN and REMIX

This plug-in is also available as part of the ZAP II , DESIGN and REMIX bundles.

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A Zynaptified Classic

Originally developed by audio processing pioneers Prosoniq, for version 2.0 we've taken MORPH and zynaptified it, porting it to all platforms, enhancing the existing algorithm, adding a whole bunch of new features, and generally making it even more awesome.