Michelle Child Portrait

"As a sound designer, I am constantly searching for new ways to manipulate sound. Zynaptiq MORPH has quickly become my go-to plugin for designing sounds that are out of this world. Its superb algorithms and smooth formant shifter allow me to generate sounds so unusual that even I sometimes forget what the original sources were.
Recently, my partner Dave Whitehead and I designed the alien vocals for Denis Villeneuve's film Arrival. I used MORPH almost daily while developing some of the signature Heptapod sounds - MORPH is perfect for creature and robotic vocals. It enables me to shape and contour sounds in ways I had only previously dreamed of, forging unimaginable creations out of sounds no sane person would ever combine."

Michelle Child is a sound editor and designer, residing in Wellington, New Zealand, where she works on sound post-production for films and interactive media. Her film sound credits include such masterpieces as Denis Villeneuve's Oscar-Award-Winning Arrival and Neil Blomkamp's Elysium and Chappie.

Michelle Child Sound Editor, Sound Designer
Website :: IMDb Profile :: White Noise

Scott Kirkland Portrait

"MORPH is pure magic! There's many layers to MORPH's usability and the results are very pleasing. Simple hybrids of environmental noise and vocal pads can feel possessed. Drum loops morphed with tonal synths can create complex and interesting rhythms. I'm always finding new ways to use MORPH, there's no other plugin like it. "

Scott Kirkland is a composer, music producer and DJ, and is well known as founding member of The Crystal Method. Together with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor he's also doing work under the moniker Bandwidth.

Scott Kirkland Composer, Producer, DJ
The Crystal Method Website :: The Crystal Method Twitter

Tobias Enhus Portrait

"MORPH is audio morphing done well and fast! Traditionally, audio morphing has been associated with tedious processes and heavy computation, but not anymore. MORPH turns audio morphing into a highly creative, easy and fun process."

Tobias Enhus is a composer for film, TV, games, advertising, and bands. His credits include blockbuster feature films like Black Hawk Down and Blade: Trinity, video games such as Spiderman 3 and The Matrix: Path Of Neo, and collaborations with bands such as Machine Head and The Crystal Method.

Tobias Enhus Composer, Artist
IMDb Profile

Darren Lambourne Portrait

"MORPH is hands-down the best signal mapping tool I have ever used. On Star Citizen, we're trying to create a future universe that is both inspiring and believable for our players. Standard vocoding techniques can only take you so far, but MORPH knocks it out of the park. When combining synthetic and organic sources, it gives us detailed and articulate result that are simply not available anywhere else on this planet. In fact, all of the tools we previously used for this area of sound design seem like antiques in comparison!"

Darren has been making sound and music for games since the early 90's and has been active in the field of computer audio since the 80's. 

Darren Lambourne Sound Designer, Star Citizen
Star Citizen Site

Jason Cobb Portrait

"MORPH is awesome for discovering new and incredible combinations of harmonics from similar or vastly different sources. In small or large doses it adds something new to the sound design tool-kit that is unsurpassed by any other DAW plug-in; rather more in league with dedicated systems such as Kyma".

Jason is a technical sound designer working in the games industry for over two decades. He has produced and implemented sound effects in numerous award winning game releases, and specializes in the convergence of audio artistry with cutting edge technology in the interactive medium.

Jason Cobb Sound Designer, Star Citizen
Star Citizen Site

Stefan Rutherford Portrait

"MORPH has helped me create truly unique source material for the sound design in Star Citizen. If you've ever thought 'I wonder what it would sound like if the sound of a gibbon and the sound of a fighter jet had a child?', MORPH is for you!"

Stefan Rutherford grew up with a passion for video games and a passion for sound. During his time at university the inevitable happened and the two passions combined into one - sound design for computer games. Since undertaking this passion he's worked on the Lego games, and more recently is working on Star Citizen.

Stefan Rutherford Sound Designer, Star Citizen
Star Citizen Site

Supports VST 2.x, VST 3.x, AU and AAX Native on Mac And PC.

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