Say "Hi" to MORPH Version 3

MORPH version 3 is a significant update on version 2, and comes in two variants: MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO.

New features common to MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO:  

  • 4 New morphing algorithms: INTERWEAVE V3, IMPRINT SMOOTH, IMPRINT CRYSTAL, ENHARMONIC. The entire suite of V2 algorithms is included, too, of course, for a total of 9 algorithms.
  • New MODELER module that provides particle/granular synthesis based style transfer functionality, as well as straight file playback.
  • Improved FORMANT SHIFTER with +-24 semitones of range; the v2 formant shift algorithm can be activated for the v2 algorithms to get the exact same v2 sound, using a prefs setting.
  • New TRANSIENT BYPASS module that can significantly improve the morphing results. The transients are taken at the A and B inputs to the morphing, and added back in, with their mix controlled by the morphing X/Y control. The transients can be boosted, and may also bypass the formant shifter for increased crispness. 
  • Optional internal double precision processing - internal processing can be switched to 64 bit for increased resolution.
  • New soft-knee output limiter.
  • Redesigned, scalable UI with interactive-signal-flow-diagram design, built using vector graphics for sharp visuals when zooming, with up to 200% UI scaling for 4k and larger displays.
  • New Preset Manager application.
  • Previous/Next Preset can now be controlled via MIDI for improved accessibility.

Additionally, MORPH 3 PRO adds:

  • 2 additional algorithms, FUSION and SONANCE, for a total of 11 algorithms.
  • multi-zone mapping editor and additional analysis features for advanced control of the MODELER module.
  • An additional DETAIL algorithm for the TRANSIENT BYPASS module.
  • Lowcut/highcut filters for all mixer channels.
Supports VST 2.x, VST 3.x, AU and AAX Native on Mac And PC.

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