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ORANGE VOCODER IV is available for purchase pretty-much-direct from our retail partner 2Checkout, both as full license as well as as upgrade from previous versions.

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To purchase from a North Amercian reseller, please visit the website of our North American distribution partner, Eleven Dimensions Media.


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To purchase from a Japanese reseller, please visit the website of our Japanese distribution partner, MI-7.


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To find a German reseller, please visit the website of our German distribution partner, Audiowerk.

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To find a Sweden-based reseller, please visit the website of our Swedish distribution partner, Sweden MIDI Music.

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Regular USD 249/EUR 279. Special offer valid through May 31st, 2023. Prices in EUR incl. 19% VAT. EUR 133.61 (intro) or EUR 234.45 (regular) without VAT. Sales Tax may apply to USD price.

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If you have a license for any of the previous versions of the plug-in, you can upgrade to ORANGE VOCODER IV! 


Free Upgrade

If you purchased Orange Vocoder AU between the original announcement of ORANGE VOCODER IV in January 2018 and May 1st, 2023, you may be eligible for a free upgrade  please contact us!

Included in ZAP III

This plug-in is also available as part of the ZAP III  bundle.

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