The Ultimate Vocoder Plug-In

As far as plugin vocoders go, the ORANGE VOCODER is considered by many to be THE classic one. Critically acclaimed for its sound quality and sonic versatility throughout its many iterations since it was created by Prosoniq in 1998, version 4 expands significantly on both counts... and then adds some. Fully reworked from the ground up, we are proud to say that ORANGE VOCODER IV has truly been zynaptified.

ORANGE VOCODER IV is a significant update and has many new features:  

New Vocoder Features:

  • 16 new VOCODER algorithms, for a total of 24, including LPC, wavelet-based, speech-synthesis-inspired, independent component analysis-based and zero-latency analog modelled algorithms. The most comprehensive solution available!
  • The VOCODER is now stereo.
  • New expander module for additional dynamics control.
  • HF Through and Unvoiced parameters now come as level controls instead of on/off switches.
  • New /2, x2 and INVERT macro functions for the Graphic Filterbank EQ.
  • Re-designed filterbank reverb circuit called TRACES with a unique, reverberant sound.

New Effects & Routing Features:

  • New pitch quantizer module - including real-time MIDI control of target pitch and 5 modes: QuantizeScaleNoteEnforce and Polyforce.
    Enforce and Polyforce modes feature zero latency operation as well as grain morphing functionality - it's like a wavetable synth with real-time input!
  • Now features a FREEZE that is stored and recalled with the preset/session - like with ADAPTIVERB. It also features its ow sub-presets for creating a library of tones to work with.
  • Improved Reverb with new DAMPING parameter.
  • Improved CHORUS, with AMOUNT and RATE parameters.
  • New Formant Shifter.
  • New 3-way Mixer with SOLO and MUTE functionality.

New Synthesizer Features:

  • New high-quality stereo synth engine.
  • New UNISON function, with DETUNE and CLUSTER modes, as well as SPREAD, DETUNE, KEY SYNC and PAN WIDTH parameters.
  • Re-Designed FILTER, now with switchable 6, 12, 18 and 24 db/octave topology, key-tracking and dual modulation sources.
  • New oscillator waveform: Glottal Pulse.
  • New pitch modulators including monophonic and audio-rate LFOs, thru-zero linear FM, AD-envelopes, envelope followers and zero-crossing trackers.
  • Rational factor or decimal multiplier based FM modulator frequency control.
  • New Synth Macro control with four assignable destinations.
  • Re-designed, dual algorithm ring modulator/oscillator mixer, featuring a 3-way mix control, and a much cleaner sound.
  • New MONO LEGATO mode with GLIDE.
  • New amp ADSR with selectable linear and exponential shapes.
  • Six new poly distortion modes.
  • Velocity control of all important synth parameters.
  • New settings generator for creating new synth patches.
  • New Pitch Bend Range parameter.
  • Classic Sample-Waves can now also benefit from SYNC and RING-MOD.
  • Keyboard now 4 octaves wide and scrollable.

New Top-Level Features:

  • ORANGE VOCODER is now a Zynaptiq-branded product - it has been zynaptified.
  • Now for VST 2, VST 3, AU and AAX Native on Mac, and VST 2, VST 3 and AAX Native on Windows.
  • Completely re-designed tabbed user interface with interactive signal path design.
  • Hover-menu focused UI workflow.
  • New sub-presets for the synth, vocoder, and freeze modules.
  • New sub-preset based smart randomizer.
  • New lock mode for plugin subsections.
  • Now uses PACE copy protection for Machine- or iLok 2+ based authorization.

USD 149 / EUR 169

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- EUR 142.02 without VAT. Sales tax may apply to USD price.)

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