Like its popular sibling PITCHMAP, PITCHMAP::COLORS conforms any audio to whatever tonality you want, quickly and easily. However, it does so with a distinctly electronic flavor, geared for sound design. Switch between the somewhat natural sounding SICK, the gloriously resonant NSANE, and the mesmerisingly electric WTF* modes with a single click!

*: Warp Those Frequencies...we would never swear in public...

Zynaptiq PITCHMAP::COLORS Screenshot


PITCHMAP::COLORS works by separating the input audio into separate sounds based on their pitch, then shifting each up or down to fit a pitch grid individually. This grid is set up easily using the UI keyboard or a MIDI keyboard - just play the chords you want to shape the tonality of your audio. Turn major into minor, A minor 7 to F# Major, or wobble bass and noise into harmonic's like magic!

Mixed input audio is separated into individual notes and mapped to grid slots.


PITCHMAP::COLORS goes way beyond just pitch-mapping your audio. On top of switching the pitch-mapping algorithm itself between three types of awesome, the plug-in also throws in scale shifting, advanced formant processing and transient bypass functionality, as well as high-pass and low-pass filters. Create unheard harmonic processing in seconds!

The PITCHMAP::COLORS signal flow graph.


The new SCALE SHIFT parameter makes it easier than ever to sweep through the pitch grid. Find the sweet spot within the scale, or automate SCALE SHIFT as new arrangement technique, with a single, MIDI-controllable parameter.

SCALE SHIFT 0, +2 and -2


PITCHMAP::COLORS features a powerful formant shifter, for changing the perceived size of the sound and making large pitch shifts more natural(-ish) sounding. Its two octave range has you covered from huge demon voices to hyperactive chipmunks, and a 0.01 semitone resolution provides butter-smooth automations.

The formant shifter sports a unique function called FORMANT GAMMA, that exaggerates the formant peaks and troughs. The effect is really cool and hard to describe with words...think of it as a complex, self-modulating filter-oid that creates  far-out, organic sounding mutations that add movement and alien-ness to your mix. 


The more extreme sound modes can smoothe out transients in a cool way, but sometimes, you may want that sound while retaining transient detail - enter PITCHMAP::COLOR's super-easy to use and great sounding TRANSIENT BYPASS. Just dial in the amount of transients to take our of the pitch mapping and mix back in afterwards, and optionally boost them beyond their original level with just one control!


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