See Inside Your Audio

SPECTRE is a stand-alone, real-time audio analysis application for macOS, featuring a comprehensive set of metering and analysis instruments that let you see inside audio, from your files, real-time hardware inputs, or from across the network. Whether you're producing or mixing music, designing sound, recording talent, or mastering, SPECTRE's analysis tools will help you make the best decisions!


Meters Galore

SPECTRE features 20 different meter types, including spectrogram, analysers, level meters, Lissajous meters, Correlation meters, Oscilloscopes, and more. Each meter features ballistics and custom color gradients to ad reading them effortlessly, and provides filtering for custom weighting of your measurement data. You can customize the look and size, too, of course.


Easy as Pie.

Setting up even complex metering is fast and easy in SPECTRE. You can save presets for every meter, which will also appear as options in SPECTRE's Meter Assistant, a smart wizard for setting up meters...spawn dozens of custom analysis tools in – quite literally – seconds. Or, save any combination of meters as a Meter Set for recurring setups.


Multi-Channel, Multi-Track, Multi-Source

SPECTRE supports mono, stereo, and 5.1 audio files in its internal player, as well as stereo and 5.1 streams across the network. And when using a CoreAudio device as input, you can analyse as many input channels as the device offers – great for keeping an eye on your multi-track recording. And - of course! - you can use all three sources simultaneously, zynaptiq style.

Part of the Mac Audio Apps Bundle

SPECTRE is exclusively available as part of the Mac Audio Apps 2 bundle.

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