Add MORPH 3 PRO to your DESIGN Bundle

Available exclusively for existing users of the discontinued DESIGN Bundle, the DESIGN PLUS upgrade adds MORPH 3 PRO to your bundle, replacing MORPH 2 - in summary, DESIGN PLUS contains ADAPTIVERB 1.x, WORMHOLE 1.x and MORPH 3 PRO.

To perform this upgrade, simply purchase the upgrade using the link below, you will be guided through the process.

You will need to surrender the DESIGN Bundle license you are upgrading from, but will be able to continue using MORPH 2 for session recall by updating it to v2.6 or newer.

USD 69/EUR 79

Prices in EUR incl. 19% VAT. EUR 66.39 without VAT. Sales Tax may apply to USD price.

Upgrade from DESIGN to DESIGN PLUS, adding MORPH 3 PRO

...or Upgrade to CREATE

Alternatively, you might be interested in upgrading from your DESIGN Bundle to the new CREATE Bundle - which contains ADAPTIVERB, WORMHOLEPITCHMAP, PITCHMAP::COLORS, ORANGE VOCODER IV and MORPH 3 PRO

Check out the CREATE Bundle
More info about the CREATE Bundle