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TRIUMPH 3 is a massive upgrade to this powerful sound design & productivity focused editor, and adds more than 100 new features and enhancements, including tons of workflow enhancements and advanced DSP processing like morphing, vocoding, high-end granular processing, and our premium ZTX® Pro time-stretching & pitch-shifting technology. Check out all the new stuff in TRIUMPH 3 <here>!


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TRIUMPH is a professional multi-channel audio editor for macOS built around a unique & patented workflow featuring audio layers. Geared for sound design as well as for fast and precise editing, TRIUMPH 3 is a true workhorse application that makes your creative and house-keeping audio workflows fast and customizable, and comes loaded with advanced Zynaptiq DSP technologies, strong workflow automation features, Source/Destination editing... and much, much more.

Zynaptiq TRIUMPH DSP Effects


Loaded With DSP

TRIUMPH is a dream for anyone sculpting sound – need morphingvocoding, world-class ZTX® Pro time-stretchingpitch-/formant-shifting, or high definition granular processing? TRIUMPH has you covered...and then some. It even bundles a copy of our multi-FX powerhouse WORMHOLE, as heard on blockbuster shows like Altered CarbonWestworld or The Witcher.


Fast, Faster, TRIUMPH.

TRIUMPH's workflow is fast, flexible, highly customisable, and pretty much completely automatable
Edit your audio non-destructively using Smart Edits and advanced Source-Destination Editing features. Automate the app at its core using Apple Script and built-in or custom Actions. Assign custom key commands to pretty much anything, including inserting your favorite plug-in (or plug-in chain, including automation,) or executing your favorite offline processor with your favorite settings. Or do all of these and more in one go by pressing just one key – TRIUMPH turns complex tasks into a single button press.


Multi-Channel & High Sampling Rate Support

TRIUMPH supports literally any sampling rate and channel count, and any combination simultaneously, too. Want to combine a 96kHz sampled 5.1 file with a 1234 Hz sampled mono sound, and a 13-channel, 2mHz recording? TRIUMPH will do that. Each layer can have its own channel layout and sampling rate, and will accept all standard rates and layouts as well as arbitrary values, so you can mix and match while your master will always have the optimal resolution without any intermediate resampling or head-ache inducing file management hassles.


Layers & Blending

TRIUMPH's unique & patented audio layers have more up their sleeves than individual sampling rates and channel counts, though. You can think of a layer as an audio track with benefits. Similar to layers in an image editor, audio layers are combined sequentially using a blend mode, which can be a simple mixer...or a wildly creative and exciting processor: in TRIUMPH, morphingvocoding and ring-modulation are always just a click away. Also, Layers can be moved in time as a whole, including their automation, making it much easier to re-arrange your content.

But of course, layers support all the good stuff that tracks support, too – you can mute them, apply plugins, or add automation.


...and then some.

The above is us scratching the surface of what TRIUMPH has to offer. Here are some more of its features: 

  • Source-Destination Editing including ZTX® Pro based stretch to destination functionality.
  • AU Plug-In Hosting.
  • Render Workflow: export your results to multiple formats and destinations simultaneously by pressing one key.
  • Broad Format Support: TRIUMPH supports importing audio from or rendering to a plethora of file formats including AIFF, WAV/BWAV, Sound Designer I, CAF (PCM, AAC, Apple Lossless), AU, WAV64, MP3, M4A (AAC, Apple Lossless), Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and DDP, from 8-bit integer to 32-bit float, in split and interleaved channel formats.
  • Workspace Varispeed: pitch your whole project up or down quickly.
  • Synced Video Playback for sound-to-picture applications.
  • Real-Time Meters including EBU-128, BBC, VU, analyser, spectrogram, Lissajous, and more.
  • Analysis: generate reports as text or .plist including true peak, RMS, Peak-to-peak, DC Offset, Difference, Crest factor, Form Factor, LUFS and LU measurements, as well as Red Book standard compatible peak/over listing with the option to jump to or set markers at peak locations.
  • FCPX XML import/export
  • Extensive Metadata Support: including Radio Traffic, WAVE Extensions and Broadcast WAVE, iXML, ID3, CD-TEXT, iTunes/Music, Apple Loops, CAF Standard, SoundCLoud, and more.
  • MIDI Playback: pitched and sliced playback of a whole workspace.
  • DDP Authoring/Export and CD burning.

But all that said: the best way to experience how TRIUMPH 3 and its partner apps MYRIAD 4SPECTRE and LOOP EDITOR 2 can make your audio workflows faster and easier is to take the fully functional 30-day free trial of the Mac Audio Apps 2 Bundle for a spin!

Part of the Mac Audio Apps Bundle

TRIUMPH 3 is exclusively available as part of the Mac Audio Apps 2 bundle.

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