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To download the latest version of UNFILTER, which will run as a fully functional, 30-day free trial if you have no license, please fill in the form below. You will then receive a download URL per email shortly. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk, all other fields are optional and serve only to help us improve our software. You can review our privacy policy here.  Please note that the email is sent from a database, and that some SPAM filters may mark it as SPAM - so please check your junk mail folder if you don't see the email within a minute or two.

Please Note: UNFILTER requires a free iLok.com account for activation, even for the trial version! You can activate the trial or the full version to your computer or to an optional iLok 2* USB device (not included). To activate to a computer, it will need to be connected to the internet. If using an iLok2, you can use a different computer (that has internet access) to activate to the iLok 2, then plug it into your production machine.

*Please note: the older, first generation (blue) iLok is not supported!

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Please note: as of April 2nd, 2017, this download form is for the PACE-protected version of the plugin. The plugin can not be activated using the previous system's  activation codes. If you are using the previous copy protection system (eSellerate), we recommend you perform the free crossgrade to the PACE version. Should you wish to continue using the eSellerate version, please use the Check for/Download Update function that is available from the About screen, which opens when you click the Zynaptiq logo in the plugin's user interface. Alternatively, please email us and we'll provide you with the latest eSellerate version DL URL. 

Change Log

Version 1.4.0 (Mac only), November 1st, 2021:

  • UNFILTER is now compatible with macOS 12.x Monterey.
  • This version requires macOS 10.15.x or newer, and is 64-bit only. For 32-bit and compatibility to older macOS up to and including 10.14.x Mojave, please use the functionally identical previous version 1.3.3p.

Version 1.3.3 (Mac only), February 13th, 2020:

  • Fixed an issue where the UI would scale wrongly on Retina displays in some hosts.
  • Installer is now fully notarized, which fixes installer issues on macOS 10.14 Mojave and macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Version 1.3.2, August 8th, 2019:

  • Fixed an issue where rendering/bouncing audio to disk using a sample rate different from the project sample rate would reset the learned transfer curve resulting in an unusable rendered/bounced audio file.

Version 1.3.1 (Mac only), May 24th, 2019:

  • Fixed a bug in the AudioUnit plugin that caused Logic session recall to not function properly for sessions made using UNFILTER versions lower than v 1.3.0.

Version 1.3.0, May 22nd, 2019:

What's new in v1.3.0:

  • 154 new presets including sampled guitar amp transfer functions, sampled outboard gear filter functions, room-tone/ambience filters for noise, mixing tools, female speech characteristics "imprinters", odd filters, mastering, thru-wall/thru-door filtering, and more.
  • Updated preset manager now displays currently loaded preset name and features previous/next preset buttons.
  • Main parameters have their resolution increased to three digits after the decimal point when editing numerically.
  • Parameter values now displayed for controls that are being changed or that have the mouse over them.
  • HPF and GAIN slider length has been increased to match DCY and AVG sliders.
  • Fixed random preset sort order on APFS-formatted SSD volumes.
  • Updated to latest PACE components.
  • Updated Kitty framework to latest version.
  • Fixed AU sometimes not being seen before a system reboot on macOS High Sierra and newer.
  • Updated Pre-/Post-Install scripts.
  • Version number now displayed in macOS Finder's "Get Info" panel.

Version 1.2.4 (Mac only), August 2nd, 2017:

What's new in v1.2.4:

  • Updated Digital Signing Certificate.
Supports VST 2.x, VST 3.x, AU, RTAS and AAX Native on Mac And PC

Basic License Operations Guide

For a step-by-step guide on how to activate or de-activate your plugin, start a free trial, move an activation from one computer to a different one, as well as general copy protection info, please refer to this guide.

Current Version Number:

PACE Versions:

Windows: 1.3.2p
Mac (macOS 10.15.x-12.x): 1.4.0
Mac (macOS 10.12.x-10.14.x): 1.3.3p