Scott Gershin Portrait

"WORMHOLE is a great mangler, it twists & turns sounds into something special. Whether I'm creating creatures, technology, weapons, textures, or a vibe - WORMHOLE helps me get there. It's one of the "special" sonic brushes in my tool box and helps create that secret sauce."

Scott Gershin is an award-winning Sound Designer - Supervisor who has worked in the Film, Streaming, Game & VR industries. His credits include block-buster feature films such as Pacific RimNightcrawlerThe Book of LifeShrekThe Chronicles of RiddickAmerican Beauty & Team America, game franchises like Gears of WarFinal FantasyResident Evil, and Epic Mickey, and games by RiotMicrosoftCapcomPlatinum Games and many others. 

Scott Gershin Sound Designer - Supervisor
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Brett Hinton Portrait

"WORMHOLE is my go-to tool for making things sound out-of-this-world. What I love about it is its ability to output totally different sounds out of the same settings just by feeding it different material. WORMHOLE has the ability to surprise me every time I use it. The plugin has a lot of depth and flexibility for designing sounds, from creature sounds to future tech or alien soundscapes.
I used WORMHOLE on Westworld for sound designs like Young Ford AI and Maeve's mind control motif, and a ton on Altered Carbon - there, it's pretty much on everything from weapons, alarms, sirens, creatures and other tech."

Brett is an award winning Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer working primarily in television on shows such as Altered Carbon and Westworld. He specializes in creative, high concept sound design to enhance the narrative and bring cinematic immersion to the projects he works on. 

Brett Hinton Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer

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Supports VST 2.x, VST 3.x, AU, RTAS and AAX Native on Mac And PC

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