Upgrade to ZAP II From ZAP v1

Basically: if you have a ZAP v1 bundle, you can upgrade to ZAP II. As ZAP II features more plugins and thus is higher-priced than ZAP v1, our upgrade pricing is based on a very straight forward idea: you pay (approximately) the difference in price between ZAP v1 and ZAP II – and you're good. To make this manageable, we've had to simplify and generalize the model a little bit, but the results are close enough for rock and roll. Does that sound fair? We think so, and hope you agree!  

All that translates into a regular upgrade price of USD 499/EUR 479.
EUR prices quoted incl. 19% VAT, EUR 402.52 without VAT.

How to perform this upgrade: Easy. Simply contact us or the dealer of your choice. You will need to provide your ZAP v1 activation codes (ZYN-UV1-xxx, ZYN-UF1-xxx etc) – if emailing us, please include them. We'll verify your upgrade eligibility, and you'll be sent a special purchase link. After purchase, send us the receipt as well as your iLok ID (aka user name), and we'll disable your old codes, and provide you with a freshly baked ZAP II license. As this is a manual process, we appreciate your patience.

Upgrade Terms aka The Fine Print And Disclaimers

Definitions, terms and conditions for Upgrade to ZAP II from ZAP v1: 

  • To be eligible for this upgrade, you must own an eligible license for ZAP version 1 purchased on or before April 15th, 2017.
  • Eligible ZAP v1 licenses are (i) paid regular full versions; (ii) paid EDU versions; (iii) paid versions upgraded to from individual contained ZAP v1 plugins; (iv) full versions and full EDU versions purchased during promotions; that were made on or before April 15th, 2017. If in doubt whether your license is eligible, please contact us so that we can help.
  • Non-eligible licenses include but are not limited to OEM licenses, Not-For-Resale (NFR) licenses, Commercial licenses provided free of charge, second hand purchases, and ZAP v1 licenses purchased after April 15th, 2017.
  • To perform the upgrade, please first contact us or your dealer of choice stating you wish to perform the upgrade.
  • Prior to purchase, you will have to provide your ZAP v1 activation codes for verification of eligibility (ZYN-UV1-xxx, ZYN-UF1-xxx, ZYN-UC1-xxx, ZYN-PM1-xxx). This is mandatory – upgrade purchases are not possible if eligibility can not be confirmed! If you need help locating your activation codes, we're happy to help, just email us with the info that you do have. 
  • Upon successful verification, you will be sent a special upgrade purchase link. After purchasing, please email us the receipt as well as your iLok ID.
  •  A single ZAP II License Asset that unlocks all contained plugins will be deposited into your iLok account.
  • This license can be activated to an iLok 2 or iLok 3 USB device, or to the HD of a computer. While we generally recommend using a hardware iLok (version 2 or 3) USB key for its convenience and reliability, an iLok is not required (provided the computer you want to activate has internet connectivity).
  • Please note that generally, our PACE protected products include one activation, that can be moved between systems either by deactivating one system and activating another, or using a hardware USB iLok 2/3. The previous copy protection system as used by ZAP v1 by default allowed two concurrent software activations. It was, however, also a single-system-at-a-time license. If you're running multiple workstations at the same time, you will need multiple licenses now (and would have needed them before, too). Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding this change.
  • Zynaptiq reserves the right to end the upgrade program, and/or to change the upgrade terms, and/or to change pricing, at any time, without prior notice.
  • Upgrade Eligibility is decided on a case-by-case basis by Zynaptiq at its sole discretion.
  • All upgrade sales are final.
Supports VST 2.x, VST 3.x, AU, RTAS and AAX Native on Mac And PC
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USD 1429 / EUR 1499

(all EUR prices inclusive of 19% VAT
– EUR 1259.66 without VAT. Sales tax may be added for USD price.)