Introducing SUBSPACE - Essential Reverb (and free, too)

Hannover, May 25th, 2018: We're happy to introduce SUBSPACE.

SUBSPACE is a super-lush sounding, and totally streamlined reverb plugin.

It is based on the allpass reverb module found in our acclaimed MORPH 2, WORMHOLE and ADAPTIVERB plugins, and features just two (!!) controls: a switch that selects one of four presets – aptly named A, B, C and Z – and a dry-wet control.

Adding (inter-)stellar reverb to your sound was never easier! SUBSPACE is free ... and available exclusively to Zynaptiq newsletter subscribers.

To get your copy, simply opt in to our newsletter when downloading any update or trial installer – for example the trial for our flagship reverb ADAPTIVERB - or when registering a plugin. Then, confirm your subscription when you receive your confirmation link per email. We'll then send you your copy of SUBSPACE. That's it.


Hannover, February 5th, 2018: We're proud to announce that version 4 of the ORANGE VOCODER is coming! A significant update to this classic plugin, Version 4 is expected to ship early Q2, 2018. For more information, please visit the preliminary ORANGE VOCODER V4 page, which will be updated as more information becomes available.

New Compatibility Updates

August 2nd, 2017: We've released compatibility updates for ADAPTIVERBUNMIX::DRUMSMORPH 2, as well as for the PACE editions of UNVEILUNFILTERUNCHIRP and PITCHMAP. These free updates address code-signing related compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.8.x, and feature multiple under-the-hood optimizations.

These free updates are available now from the product download pages, and and are recommended for for all users.

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