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our high-end creative multi-effects plug-in WORMHOLE is on sale up to and including April 16th, 2024, at a huge discount - grab it now!

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High-End Creative Multi-Effects Processing

From beautifully shimmering detuned guitar widening and glassy ambient octave-shift tails, to surreal ambiences, starship drones, alien, monster, and robot voices, our multi-fx WORMHOLE makes both high-end sweetening and ultra-crisp mangling fast and easy.

WORMHOLE features a unique spectral warping circuit, extremely clean frequency shifting, a pitch shifter with a one-of-a-kind topology that offers +- 4 octaves of high quality shift, two reverbs (because two is simply better than one!), dry/wet morphing, and more.

USD 149 / EUR 169   USD 99 / EUR 109

Special offer valid through April 16th, 2024
Prices in EURO inclusive of 19% VAT. EUR 91.60 (sale price) or EUR 142.02 (regular) without VAT. Sales Tax may apply to USD price.

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We're thrilled to announce the immediate availability of two new and awesome plug-ins: PITCHMAP::COLORS and ORANGE VOCODER NANO!

Available right now!

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Conform audio to your song's key/scale, colorize your basses and synths, and turn atonal elements into gloriously resonant harmonic textures with unprecedented ease, quality and fun. Designed in collaboration with music production prodigy Au5PITCHMAP::COLORS fuses our popular pitch-mapping tech with additional transformation features and a user interface stream-lined for creative sound design and real-time performance. Bring COLOR to your sound!

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Add pristine vocoder sounds to your projects quickly and easily with ORANGE VOCODER NANO, the stream-lined, light(er)-weight sibling of our legendary ORANGE VOCODER IV. Packaging a selection of its bigger brother's plethora of excellent sounding algorithms and functions into a straight-forward and cost-effective solution, ORANGE VOCODER NANO sounds fat and beefycrystal clearbutter smooth, and anything in-between. Learn more...

Loyalty Perks

In addition, we've got some goodies for loyal customers!

PITCHMAP users can add PITCHMAP::COLORS to their kit at a huge discount for a mere USD 35/EUR 39. - if you're registered for the newsletter, you'll be emailed shortly, otherwise please simply contact us.

Also, ORANGE VOCODER IV users get ORANGE VOCODER NANO for free...just grab the trial and install it & you're good to go if an OVIV license is found!

ORANGE VOCODER IV Updated to Version 4.0.3

Hannover, October 17th, 2023: ORANGE VOCODER IV 4.0.3 is now available. This free update is recommended for all users.

The ORANGE VOCODER 4.0.3 update improves compatibility with Ableton Live and fixes an issue that could cause the presets and sub-presets to sometimes not show as edited when changing hover-menu controlled parameters. The update is available via the product's downloads page now.

ORANGE VOCODER IV Updated to Version 4.0.2

Hannover, July 17th, 2023: ORANGE VOCODER IV 4.0.2 is now available. This free update is recommended for all users.

The ORANGE VOCODER 4.0.2 update adds the full manual as well as host-specific MIDI/external carrier (aka side-chain) setup guides for Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, FL Studio and Cubase, and fixes several smaller UI issues. The update is available via the product's downloads page now.

PITCHMAP Updated to Version 1.9.1

Hannover, June 29th, 2023: PITCHMAP 1.9.1 is now available. This free update is recommended for all users.

The PITCHMAP 1.9.1 update fixes an issue with MIDI input to the VST 3 version of the plug-in in Ableton Live. The update is available via the product's downloads page now.

UNMIX::DRUMS Updated to Version 1.3.0

Hannover, June 29th, 2023: UNMIX::DRUMS v1.3.0 is now available from the UNMIX::DRUMS downloads page. This free update is recommended for all users.

UNMIX::DRUMS 1.3.0 adds GUI zoom and improves CPU performance, and contains multiple compatibility improvements and bug fixes. For a detailed change log and to download the update, please go to the product downloads page.

Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.1.0 Out Now!

Hannover, June 29th, 2023: We've just released version 2.1.0 of the Mac Audio Apps Bundle.

This update is free to all v2.x users, and features TRIUMPH 3.0.3, MYRIAD 4.8Spectre 1.12.0 and LOOP EDITOR 2.5

The biggest news is MYRIAD 4.8, which features several workflow/UX improvements, as well as a new option to export the file list as CSV file.

Have a look at the change log for more information what's new and download the latest installers here, or use the in-app update check functionality to get current!

The Mastering Weeks Sale!

Dear friends: we're running a sale on INTENSITYUNFILTER and UNMIX::DRUMS, as well as the MASTER Bundle they comprise, June 16-29, 2023, at a huge discount.

Check out our Mastering Weeks sale now!

Magic Mastering Tools

Apply smart equalization with UNFILTER, bring out detail and character, while adding clarity, density, and muchos loudness with INTENSITY, and tweak level & punch of drums in a mixed recording or on the drum bus using UNMIX::DRUMS.

Or, go for the whole enchilada with the MASTER Bundle, which combines all three of these AI-powered audio mastering plugins for maximum quality with minimum effort. Whether you are a mastering or mixing engineer, music producer or artist, the MASTER Bundle plug-ins will save you massive amounts of time while providing unbeatable results!

Out Now: ZAP III

Hannover, May 1st, 2023: We're happy to announce the immediate availability of ZAP III, the latest edition of our top-tier plug-in bundle.

Adding INTENSITY and the brand new ORANGE VOCODER IV, ZAP III bundles all ten of our critically acclaimed plug-ins into one comprehensive package. Including tools for creating, transforming, mastering and repairing audio, ZAP III is the cutting edge of audio processing.

Made for sound designer, music producers, film composers, audio post professionals, mix engineers and forensics experts alike, the ZAP III plug-ins support all common sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz depending on available CPU resources, and run as AAX Native, AU, VST 2.4 and VST 3.
The plug-ins support MacOS 10.15.x or newer, including Ventura, on Intel & Apple Silicon processors, and Windows 10 or newer.

What’s included in ZAP III:

  • ORANGE VOCODER IV Multi-Algorithm Vocoder
  • INTENSITY Detail | Clarity | Density | Loudness
  • UNVEIL De-Reverberation & Signal Focusing
  • UNFILTER Adaptive Precision Equalizer
  • UNCHIRP Codec Artifact Removal & Transient Retrieval
  • PITCHMAP Real-Time Polyphonic Pitch Control
  • MORPH 2 Real-Time Structural Audio Morphing
  • UNMIX::DRUMS Boost Or Attenuate Drums In Mixed Music
  • ADAPTIVERB Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb
  • WORMHOLE Otherworldly Audio Effects Processor


Pricing & Availability

ZAP III is available now from the Zynaptiq website and authorized resellers worldwide at a special introductory price of USD 999 / EUR 1099*, valid from May 1st to 31st, 2023, after which the regular SRP will be USD 1359/EUR 1499*

Users of ZAP II can upgrade to ZAP III at an upgrade price of USD 249/EUR 279*.

Users that own a ZAP II as well as an INTENSITY license can upgrade to ZAP III at an upgrade price of USD 99/EUR 119*.

* All prices in EUR are quoted inclusive of 19% German VAT

 For more information on ZAP III please visit the product website at https://www.zynaptiq.com/zap/ 


Hannover, Germany, May 1st 2023: We're thrilled to announces the immediate availability of ORANGE VOCODER IV, the zynaptified edition of the revered Prosoniq vocoder plug-in. 

massive upgrade to the classic, ORANGE VOCODER IV combines 24 high-tech vocoding algorithms, multi-algorithm pitch tuning effects, a powerful virtual analog synthesizer, flexible routing, and a fast and fun workflow with no-compromise sound quality, optimized for maximum presence, punch, and intelligibility.

A vocoder takes two input sounds, and combines their timbral qualities to create a new, hybrid sound. The most well-known example of a vocoder in action are singing/speaking synthesizers, a sound made famous by bands like Daft Punk and Kraftwerk, among many others.

With a sonic bandwidth ranging from warm & vintage to crystal-clearlaser-focusedbutter-smooth and utterly, completely destroyedORANGE VOCODER IV is much more than just a vocoder, and excels at creating innovative vocal sounds, electric grooves, mutated colorful instruments, frantic robots, mind-bending sci-fi SFX and haunting ambient drones for music production, sound design, and composition. 

 The key ORANGE VOCODER IV features at a glance:

  • Vocoder plug-in with semi-modular architecture.
  • Stereo vocoder module with 24 unique, high intelligibility vocoding algorithms, including two zero-latency options modes, each with a distinct sonic character, formant shifting, EQ, expansion, and HF Through and Unvoiced circuits.
  • Powerful built-in synthesizer with FM, sync, ring modulation, polyphonic distortion, 9-voice unison operation and an AI-powered preset generator.
  • 5 automatic tuning effect algorithms available in parallel to the vocoder.
  • Audio freezing, reverb and chorus effects modules. Flexible, semi-modular routing, lightning-fast workflow, streamlined ergonomics and a stunning look & feel.

Made for sound designers, music producers, film composers and mix engineers, ORANGE VOCODER IV supports all common sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz depending on available CPU resources, and runs as AAX Native, AU, VST 2.4 and VST 3. The plug-in supports MacOS 10.15.x or newer, including Ventura, on Intel & Apple Silicon processors, and Windows 10 or newer.


What’s new in ORANGE VOCODER IV? Here are some of the highlights:

  • Greatly expanded vocoder section, featuring formant shiftingexpansionstereo operation...and a total of 24 unique vocoding algorithms based on techniques including analog modelingspeech modelingindependent component analysisLPC filteringwavelet transforms, and more, as well as two zero-latency algorithms.
  • Completely rewritten, high quality synthesizer section including Unison and Mono Legato operation, thru-zero linear FM, comprehensive modulation options, a preset generator, and more.
  • New MIDI-controlled automatic tuning effects module featuring 5 modes, including the brand-new zero-latency pitch enforcer, with grain morphing and optionally polyphonic operation.
  • New, multi-view UI with a super-streamlined workflow, including module sub-presets and smart randomization.
  • Supports AU, AAX Native, VST 2.4 and VST 3 on macOS, and AAX Native, VST 2.4 and VST 3 on Windows.
  • Apple Silicon supported natively.
  • Now uses PACE EDEN copy protection for machine or iLok 2/3 based authorization.

 ORANGE VOCODER IV is available now from the Zynaptiq website and authorized resellers worldwide at a special introductory price of USD 149/EUR 159*, valid from May 1st to 31st, 2023, after which the regular SRP will be USD 249/EUR 269*. 

Existing users of any previous version of ORANGE VOCODER can upgrade to version IV for USD 99 / EUR 119*.

A free upgrade is available to users that have purchased the previous ORANGE VOCODER AU between now and the original announcement of ORANGE VOCODER IV in January, 2018. 

ORANGE VOCODER IV is also available as part of the new ZAP III Bundle

* All prices in EUR are quoted inclusive of 19% German VAT

For more information on ORANGE VOCODER IV, please visit the product website at https://www.zynaptiq.com/orangevocoder/ 

For more information on ZAP III, please visit the product website at https://www.zynaptiq.com/zap/ 

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